A, B, SEE COLORADO An Alphabet Book of the Centennial State      View the book trailer

Resource material for this book provides interesting facts about some of Colorado's picturesque and unusual sites including:

  • where the highest continuous highway in the US runs
  • who built mammoth stone towers in the 1200s
  • what plant is among the largest organisms in the world
  • what evidence prehistoric people in Colorado left behind
  • what happened to the grassland farmers who came to the state in the 1800s and much MORE

THE CHRISTMAS TREE CRIED the story of the White House Christmas Tree 

View the book trailer

Want to learn how the Christmas Tree for the Blue Room in the White House is chosen each year? Do you wonder how big the tree has to be?  Curious about how long it takes to decorate it? Interested in a history of Christmas trees in the White House? Can you guess which President didn't want a Christmas tree in the White House . . . until his children snuck one in?  

In addition to this resource material for The Christmas Tree Cried​, there is also a Discussion and Activities Guide.       

Author of Works for Children and Young Adults

There are FREE resources available for each of the books listed here. To request any of this resource material, go to the "Contact" page and drop me an email, indicating what resources you'd like me to send you via PDFs.


THE MERMAID'S GIFT                    View the book trailer  

A Discussion and Activities Guide for The Mermaid's Gift is available for use at home or at school. You'll find in-depth questions about the story and about the cardinal virtues as well as thought-provoking prompts for discussion or writing projects.

There's also a maze, a word search, a vocabulary list, a craft and much more. To request the resource, specify that you would like either the secular version or the Christian educators' version of the guide.

Claudia Cangilla McAdam

​​KRISTOPH AND THE FIRST CHRISTMAS TREE               View the book trailer

A Discussion and Activities Guide for Kristoph and the First Christmas Tree is available for use at school or home. It contains questions about the story, writing prompts, vocabulary, a craft, a word search, and more. Includes material relevant to discussion of the cardinal virtues and the theological virtues. 

AWAKENING                               View the book trailer

Chapter Exams
Book Club Discussion Guide
Teacher's Guide

Socratic Seminar Guidelines (developed by Sister Immaculata, O.C.D.)

If you are an educator using the chapter exams for Awakening, the answer key is available by request. Also, in conjunction with this book, I make author appearances (at no charge) to students or book club participants either in person or via Skype. Request more information by sending an email from the "
Contact" page.