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Louie's Lent 

ISBN 978-1950784646 

by Claudia Cangilla McAdam

​illustrated by Michael Rogers

  German edition

The call of Jesus' disciple Nathanael, a character presented to readers in the first chapter of the Gospel of John is concise, covering just seven verses, John 1:45-51. What is it about Nathanael’s short interactions with Philip and with Jesus that cause him to proclaim Jesus “Son of God” and “King of Israel”? How is it that he comes to discipleship in this brief passage, going from "under the fig tree" to a profession of faith? And how does he model discipleship for us today? This scholarly work attempts to answer these questions.

​​Find this print book here.  Ebook here.

"This is one of the most amazing stories that reconfirms one’s belief in the power of the Almighty.  It is a book that is truly timeless, genderless, and classic."

                           —The Catholic Company


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The Wordless Weaver   

ISBN 978-1-68192-484-7   
by Claudia Cangilla McAdam

​illustrated by

Caroline Baker Mazure

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Maria's Mysterious Mission
2008 Colorado Book Award finalist 
ISBN 978-1-56579-588-4
by Claudia Cangilla McAdam
illustrated by Anna-Maria Crum
photography by John Fielder 

Available  here, 32 pp.

Kristoph and the First Christmas Tree
ISBN 978-1-61261-630-8                        
by Claudia Cangilla McAdam
illustrated by Dave Hill
published by
Paraclete Press, 32 pp.

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Read an excerpt

Listen to an interview about this book on Radio Maria

When it comes time to make his Lenten resolution, Louie is stumped. While his classmates take the traditional approach of giving up something for Lent, Louie embarks on a different course of action and in so doing, discovers what Jesus meant when he said, "I desire mercy and not sacrifice."

When someone steals the prize buckle of a junior bull-riding champion, amateur sleuth Kirsten Camarata sets her mind to solving the mystery. She takes part in a rodeo in order to get behind the scenes, and even though someone goes to extreme measures to prevent her from doing so, her detective skills pay off as she uses her brains to piece together clues and solve the mystery.  

See the book trailer HERE.

Riddle at the Rodeo  
a Camarata Cousins Mystery 
Colorado Authors League Awards finalist 
ISBN 978-0-9825345-0-2 (print) 122 pp.

ISBN 978-0-9748995-0-3 (eBook)
by Claudia Cangilla McAdam 

​Read the first two chapters here

More info here

Portraits of Character
by Claudia Cangilla McAdam, 
Robert McAdam, Diane McAdam Bange
Vol. 1 ISBN 978-1879097-64-3
Vol. 2 ISBN 978-1879097-65-6
published by 
Kagan Publishing

​​Photographer for the Shroud of Turin Research Project;  Editor & Founder, Shroud of Turin Website (shroud.com)

A FREE coloring sheet from the book  can be downloaded here.


ISBN 978-1681926629 

by Claudia Cangilla McAdam

​This imaginative fictional tale retells the origin of the Shroud of Turin that will leave readers feeling hopeful, joyful and grateful for God-given talents.

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  Polish edition

ISBN 978-1-933184-61-6
by Claudia Cangilla McAdam
published by 
Sophia Institute Press, 150 pp.

also available as a Kindle eBook or ePub

Finalist, Screenplay Category, 2018
Colorado Authors' League Award

Read along with the book HERE.

​​—Regina Lordan, ​Catholic Sentinel

From "Ashes" to "Zucchetto," this colorful alphabet book is jam-packed with what makes us who we are as Catholic Christians. -- Kerry Crawford and Patricia A. Crawford, National Catholic Register

WINNER 2023Colorado Authors League Award, Children's category

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Find this book at Sophia Institute Press.  Click here.

The Christmas Light 

ISBN 978-1644131138   
by Claudia Cangilla McAdam

​illustrated by Igor Kovyar

Whimsical verse combines with the spectacular photographs of Texas nature photographer Richard Reynolds in this 48-page, full-color book that explores the details of nature and their places in larger landscapes. This book challenges not only young readers but those of all ages to recognize that Nature's details are often as magnificent and mysterious as Nature's landscapes. 

See the book trailer HERE.

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A FREE Discussion and Activities Guide is available by request here.

A FREE Discussion and Activities Guide is available by request here.

Angel Studios, the media company behind

the blockbuster TV series The Chosen

and the hit movie ​Sound of Freedom, ​engaged Claudia to pen a picture book about St. Frances Cabrini to accompany the studio's forthcoming movie, ​Cabrini,

​in theaters March 8, 2024.

Children's Book Picks for Spring 2021   

Do You See What I See? 
ISBN 978-1-56579-554-9
by Claudia Cangilla McAdam
photography by John Fielder 
here, 48 pp.

  German edition

The Bones You Own               
A Kids' Introduction into the Human Skeleton
by Claudia Cangilla McAdam

Kindle eBook

Zedekiah and Abigail, two young cousins living in Capernaum at the time of Jesus, argue about everything. They want Jesus to judge which of their families' crops is better--grain or grapes? But when they find themselves in the Upper Room at the Last Supper with gifts of their harvests for Jesus, they discover something more important than their presents.

Readers young and old delight in discovering the hidden worlds within Colorado’s beautiful landscapes. For each photo, a cutout and imaginative poetry verse explore the mysteries of a small detail of the natural world, while turning the page reveals its place in one of nature's grand landscapes.

NATHANAEL: From Fig Tree to Faith    
ISBN 978-0-9748995-2-7     
​eBook by Claudia Cangilla McAdam

Read along with the book HERE.


"Filled with colorful, realistic, narrative illustrations of the story, Kristoph and the First Christmas Tree describes an ancient Christian miracle through the fresh eyes of a child, making this lovely book a beautiful holiday gift to celebrate the coming of Christ."    —Midwest Book Review

See the book trailer HERE.

Do You See What I See? Texas 
ISBN 978-1-56579-589-1
by Claudia Cangilla McAdam
photography by Richard Reynolds

Available here, 48 pp.

2021 Winner Colorado Authors' League Award for Juvenile Cover Design


A Miracle for Micah 

ISBN 978-1954881815  
by Claudia Cangilla McAdam

​illustrated by Gina Capaldi

Forthcoming Titles:

Finalist, Middle Grade Fiction, 2011
Colorado Authors' League Award


During the holidays each year, the giant evergreen tree hoped that a family would pick it to be the centerpiece of their home, and it would finally be a part of the miracle of Christmas. But as year after year passed and no one seemed to want it because it was so big, the tree began to despair that it would never be selected . . . until one special season when it was chosen, for a purpose far beyond what could ever have been expected. 

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Far from her native South America, Maria the llama is homesick. When she sets off on a mysterious mission with a heavy pack on her back and a heavier weight on her heart, she forges a new friendship and comes to see her life in Colorado through very different eyes. 

See the book trailer HERE.

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is available by request here.

THIRD PLACE 2023 Association of Catholic Publishers' "Excellence in Publishing Awards" (Children's Books: Young Readers)

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In each of these two books, there are 24 reproducible stories of people who exemplify positive character attributes. Many stories focus on everyday heroes; ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. People who rise to the occasion. People who sacrifice personal safety for the sake of others or dedicate their lives to a worthy cause. Both celebrities and everyday heroes serve as positive role models for students. Each portrait includes a teacher guide that highlights the desirable traits, including thinking questions and writing ideas about the story and character.

​​—Barrie Schwortz, Official Documenting 

Picture Book Coming May, 2024

​from Ascenion Press

FIRST PLACE 2023 Catholic Media Awards, Best Book for Young Adults

If you could stop the crucifixion of Christ, would you? 

Ronni is a twenty-first century American teenage girl living 5,000 miles away from home . . . 2,000 years in the past. How she got here, she doesn’t know. But one day she woke up in Jerusalem the week of the crucifixion of Jesus. She has three days to try to stop his death. The question is . . . can she do it? Should she?

Read the first three chapters here.
Classroom sets of the book are available for 
purchase at up to a 50% discount!

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Micah is a young boy living in Capernaum at the time of Jesus. When his mother sends him to the market to purchase food, Micah has a different idea. He sneaks onto Peter's rooftop to steal fish instead. At Peter's home, he witnesses one miracle after another. But when Jesus catches Micah stealing, the boy comes to realize how his sinful acts hurt many. Through repentance and the bountiful forgiveness of Jesus, Micah becomes part of a very special miracle.

With her beautiful prose, Claudia Cangilla McAdam teaches us that the silent gifts of ourselves and our talents that we bring to the foot of the cross yield blessings through Christ's resurrection. 

The Real Presence 

ISBN 978-1950784639   
by Claudia Cangilla McAdam

​illustrated by Gina Capaldi

English edition

"E" is for Eucharist  

ISBN 978-1505117509   
by Claudia Cangilla McAdam

​illustrated by Anna-Maria Crum

A beautifully written and illustrated book with a poignant and heartwarming  story that introduces the Shroud to younger audiences.

Long ago on the tiny Venetian island of Burano, the winter's ice encircled the island, keeping the fishermen from the sea. The villagers were going hungry. This book tells the story of Gianni and Nicoletta, a courageous and compassionate young couple who want to help their starving neighbors. Gianni braves the icy sea, hoping to catch fish to feed the villagers, and Nicoletta holds vigil in the church. When a fierce storm capsizes the boat, he nearly drowns, until a mermaid appears who offers a gift that will change the future of everyone on the island.

Find this book at TAN Books.  Click here.

THIRD PLACE 2023Association of Catholic Publishers' "Excellence in Publishing Awards" (Children's Books: Picture Books)

Find this book at Our Sunday Visitor.  

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It’s Christmas Eve in the year 722, and Kristoph, a young orphan boy, is accompanying the missionary priest, Boniface, through the German countryside on their way to the first Christmas the boy will celebrate outside the orphanage. When the pair happens upon a group of men worshiping a sacred oak and preparing to sacrifice the son of the village chieftain, Boniface’s brave actions change their hearts and initiate the tradition of bringing evergreen trees into the home to shelter “loving gifts and lights of kindness.” Kristoph and the First Christmas Tree is a beautiful retelling of the legend of the martyr who became the patron saint of Germany. Includes "A Prayer of Blessing for a Christmas Tree." 

A young girl in Jerusalem is well-known for her exceptional weaving skills. She wishes she could tell Jesus she loves Him, but she is mute. Instead, at his crucifixion, she provides the work of her hands that speaks of her love louder than words ever could, and a blessing she receives changes her life forever.

Tabby Long is a modern-day teenager in a family without faith. But on Good Friday, her father experiences a miraculous healing and immediate conversion to Christ, something her mother cannot accept. As the fabric of her family unravels, Tabby turns to Scripture for answers. In her meditations, she imagines living at the time of Jesus. She sees herself at the crucifixion, where she is the daughter of the Roman centurion who crucifies Christ, only to be healed by the Lord's blood. A witness to the miracle, Tabitha is beckoned to the foot of the cross. But in the future that awaits her, she will be faced with danger, despair, and death. Can she possibly follow her father's path to faith and stitch her family back together?

See the book trailer HERE.

Picture Book Coming

April 2, 2024 

​Published by Sophia Institue Press

Preorder here.

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coming in 2024

See the trailer for this major

motion picture here.

"One of the best things about Colorado is the stunning scenery of the state, from the expansive Eastern Plains to the snow-capped tips of the Rocky Mountains to the sculpted hills of the Great Sand Dunes. Through photos that span the state and cover all four seasons, and with poetic descriptions that bring each scene to life, this unique alphabet book is a celebration of the beauty and variety of Colorado’s natural wonderland: the flora, the fauna, the grand panoramas, the picturesque details. The enchanting verse of children’s author Claudia Cangilla McAdam and the spectacular photography of John Fielder combine to take children of all ages on a captivating lyrical and pictorial journey around Colorado from A to Z."

 —John Hickenlooper, Governor of Colorado 

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Take a peek at the book that imagines how the Shroud of Turin could have been created. See the book trailer HERE.

See the book trailer HERE.

Recipient of the 2016

Colorado Authors' League Award

ISBN 978-1455621088                            
by Claudia Cangilla McAdam
illustrated by Traci Van Wagoner
published by 
Pelican Publishing, 32 pp.

View the book trailer   

A, B, See Colorado
An Alphabet Book of the Centennial State
ISBN 978-0-9860004-0-9
by Claudia Cangilla McAdam
photography by John Fielder 

​published by John Fielder Publishing, 32 pp.

View the book trailer

Written in a poetic form, this book is humorously entertaining as well as being informative as it teaches children about the major bones that comprise the human skeleton. Children will learn the names of these bones and their functions as well as uncovering some fascinating facts about the skeletal system. An added bonus is free resource material, including a discussion guide and activity sheets related to the skeleton. Ideal for parents and educators looking to introduce children to the human skeleton.

Honorable Mention 2023 Catholic Media Awards, Best Book for Younth


from Our Sunday Visitor

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See the book trailer here.

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Author of Works for Children and Young Adults

Chapter Book Coming

August, 2024

​from Our Sunday Visitor

The Christmas Tree Cried
the story of the White House Christmas Tree 
ISBN 0-9748995-5-0 (
ISBN 978-0-9748995-6-5 (
by Claudia Cangilla McAdam
illustrated by Anna-Maria Crum 
published by Two Sons Press

View the book trailer

The daughter of the Bethlehem innkeeper is cold and cranky in her crowded home. When she brings fire for warmth to the young couple in her family’s stable, she encounters the newborn Jesus and finds her mood suddenly altered and her life forever changed, thanks to the Christmas Light.

Available Now:

“Simple and beautiful, this imaginative tale takes children to the time of Jesus and introduces them to the gift of the Real Presence found in the Eucharist.” —Dr. Edward Sri, theologian, speaker, and author of A Biblical Walk through the Mass

​​Find this book at Ascension Press.  ​​Click here.

Claudia Cangilla McAdam

Find this book at Arcadia Publishing.  

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