Judges' Comments about this Book:

This well-written adventure instantly draws the reader into a journey that is inspiring, informational, and transformational. The author invites the reader to approach Eucharistic Adoration through the lens of the main character who, while at prayer, is transported to Jerusalem shortly after the death of Jesus. What follows is a captivating interchange of complimentary storylines that keep the reader turning pages. The lead character’s experience in prayer, living among the early apostles, becomes a guide for coping with a parallel journey in her own life. The story is an easy-to-read page-turner that will appeal to a broad audience, especially young adults.

Maria's Mysterious Mission, Finalist

Children's Category

2011 Colorado Authors League Awards

2023 Colorado Authors League Awards

2004 Highlights for Children

Winner, ​Arts Feature of the Year Award

"Taking His Best Shots"

Riddle at the Rodeo, Finalist

Middle Grade Fiction Category

* * *

The Mermaid's Gift, Winner

​Children's Category

2021 Colorado Authors League Awards

Louie's Lent, 3rd Place

Children's Books: Picture Books

Beckoning, Finalist

eBook Category

Awakening, Finalist

Screenplay Adaptation Category

Louie's Lent, Winner

​Children's Category

* * *

2008 Colorado Authors League Awards

* * *

The Christmas Light, Finalist

​Children's Category

* * *

"The Well"in Highlights for Children, Finalist

Short Fiction Category

2023 Excellence in Publishing Awards

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* * *

2018 Colorado Authors League Awards

Beckoning, First Place

​Best Book for Young Adults

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2019 Colorado Authors League Awards

2014 Colorado Authors League Awards

2016 Colorado Authors League Awards

2005 Highlights for Children

Winner, ​National Fiction Contest

"Six Seconds of Lightning"

Author of Works for Children and Young Adults

2023 Catholic Media Book Awards

The Real Presence, 3rd Place

Children's Books: Young Readers

Louie's Lent, Honorable Mention

​Best Book for Youth

Claudia Cangilla McAdam

* * *