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a Biblical Historical Fiction novel

(the print sequel to Awakening):

Coming Spring 2021

from Our Sunday Visitor

an Easter picture book:

It’s Passover in Jerusalem, and the young weaver Shira wants to do something special for the Lord Yeshua. She wishes she could just tell Him how much she loves Him, but she is mute. Instead, she offers the work of her hands and presents a gift that is more marvelous than anyone could ever have imagined.

"E" is for Eucharist

​A Catholic ABC

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Teenager Tabby Long can't understand her father's miraculous healing and immediate conversion to Christ . . . that is until she inserts herself into Scripture and imagines herself in Jerusalem at the time of Jesus' crucifixion. She's Tabitha Longinus, daughter of the Roman centurion whose lance pierces the Lord's side, bringing the soldier healing and faith. But can she possibly follow her father's path to conversion?





(the sequel to Awakening)


Coming September 2020 

from Sophia Institute Press

a Christmas picture book:

Cold and cranky, the young daughter of the Bethlehem innkeeper is annoyed with how crowded her home is. Remembering the young couple staying in her family's stable across the lane, she brings them fire for warmth. When she encounters the newborn Jesus, she finds her mood suddenly altered and her life forever changed. 

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Riddle at the Rodeo

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2019 Colorado Authors' League Award Finalist:  

Claudia Cangilla McAdam

In rhyming text, this ABC book focuses on aspects unique to the Catholic faith, such as Queen of Heaven, Rosary, Sacraments, and Tabernacle. Something for "X" and "Z"? You bet!

Coming Spring 2021

from Saint Benedict Press/TAN Books

an ABC picture book: